Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my blog! I am currently in Singapore and had no idea that I would get the oppurtunity to write to you all so soon!

I left Australia today with mixed feelings – excitement, nervousness, feeling sick, feeling happy, feeling sad, feeling anxious, feeling like I wanted to jump for joy – you name an emotion, I probably felt it somwhere along the line today! And I will soon be able to add another one to my list – feeling tired! I still have another 4 hours to roam around Singapore airlines before my plane leaves for Jo’Burg at 2am (which is 4am Brisbane time).  Hopefully I will get some sleep and be ready for my adventure to really get going when we arrive in Jo’Burg at 7am.

I suppose I should tell you about my flight to Singapore.  Ther first thing I did when I got through customs was go to the toilet (yes there is a reason I am telling you this!). I ended up meeting Katlyn who I recognised from a Lattitude orientation day at the beginning of the year. This has been great for obvious reaons!

On the plane, I had a window seat and no one sitting next to me which was great! For the first hour I pretty much stared out the window dreaming about what may or may not lay ahead and hopefully, what I will be able to do to help the community I will be going to and also how I will hopefully grow and expand my horizons! I can’t wait! What is most exciting, is the unknown; its exciting to think that I don’t really know much about what lays ahead!

Anyway, I better go and do some more window shopping in the many Gucci and other extravagant shops in the airport! (Because you know how much I love shopping…not!)

Until next time,